She, using Jay, Michaela, and definately will, were converted within the new Ikabula group following group change, and comprise joined up with by Takali customers Bret LaBelle and Sunday Burquest.

She, using Jay, Michaela, and definately will, were converted within the new Ikabula group following group change, and comprise joined up with by Takali customers Bret LaBelle and Sunday Burquest.

Whenever Ikabula reduced immunity, Michaela advised that they split his or her votes between Bret and Sunday, and choose around Bret from inside the revote. Hannah and Michaela elected for Bret, but Jay and often will joined up with Bret and Sunday in blindsiding Michaela.

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Returning from Tribal Council, Hannah is upset about becoming right out the trap. The merge happened the very next day. She regrouped with many other Vanua partners Adam and Zeke. Will claimed immunity. The program ended up being blindside Michelle. But as soon as a paranoid Adam began talking to Taylor, muzmatch sign in Hannah regarded voting down Adam that they are untrustworthy, but at Tribal Council, she joined most in blindsiding Michelle. During the second Tribal Council, she served the girl alignment cut their own votes between Taylor and Jay, and Taylor would be voted . On time 28, Hannah and Zeke are noticed at the heart involving the Takali alignment that qualified Jessica Johnson, and David Wright’s alliance which qualified Chris Hammons. They sided with the last alliance, blindsiding Chris.

Following your second repay challenges, Hannah informed David about Zeke’s prefer to prevent him, and she chose to enroll with David’s Vinaka Alliance. Before Tribal Council, Zeke spoken to Hannah about his structure; after she had been visibly unwilling to do the job against David, Zeke made a decision to aim the girl instead. Hannah tried using getting Adam to enlist the girl, David, Jessica, and Ken McNickle, and drive a tie. At Tribal Council, this model alignment voted for Zeke while Zeke’s Vinaka alignment voted to be with her which concluded in a 5-5 link between them and Zeke. The revote finished in a 4-4 link between her and Zeke. No one would adjust their unique votes, and so a rock painting Tiebreaker occurred where Jessica was avoided by picking the unlucky stone.

It came out Hannah’s alliance was a student in the number. The following day, Hannah achieved the lady woman Liz within family members concern. Adam landed immunity.

At prison, Hannah claimed she believed she got the target. At Tribal Council, Adam starred a concealed Immunity Idol on her behalf, however, it best negated four votes as will likely flipped to this model alliance so Zeke is blindsided. Within then Tribal Council, Hannah accompanied the vast majority of in blindsiding may. Ken landed resistance inside the closing seven. At refugee camp, Hannah thought to concentrate on Sunday to hinder them alignment users from bringing their toward the event as a perceived easy enemy inside court vote. The girl structure worked as Sunday was blindsided.

David acquired resistance on time 36. Jay chatted to Hannah and David about blindsiding Bret, but at Tribal Council, Hannah signed up with Ken, David, Adam, and Bret in blindsiding Jay. Ken earned resistance on morning 37. Hannah, David, and Ken affirmed their final three offer and thought to treat Adam if you are a bigger hazard than Bret to winnings the last obstacle. Adam next assured Hannah about their brand new idol and plan to get rid of David, but Hannah advised David and Ken. At Tribal Council, Adam played the idol on themselves, but Hannah, David, and Ken elected against Bret to send him within the jury.

Back at prison, an aggravated Adam taught Hannah that whenever David lasted towards closing Tribal Council, he would acquire the action; though she received repeatedly free David, she established with Adam and offered to vote against David the other evening. On time 38, Ken conquered Hannah to winnings the ultimate Immunity problem. At summer camp, Hannah spoken to Ken about reducing David. At Tribal Council, Ken enrolled with Hannah and Adam in voting out David.

Inside the closing Tribal Council, Hannah and Adam battled over strategic moves, and she had been belittled for foiling earlier in the day intends to overcome David. Hannah in the long run became the co-runner up on the season having Ken, shedding to Adam in a unanimous 10-0-0 jury ballot.

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